Live review: The Nightmare before Wrecksmas

The Wrecks are back again with an equally chaotic yet brilliant live stream. Last time the American indie-band enamoured us at the Shag chateau but this time they’re streaming from lead singer’s Nick Anderson’s living room. All dressed up in Tim Burton inspired Halloween costumes, we see the quirky band dance around in the perfectly decorated room.

A live stream dubbed as ‘The Nightmare Before Wrecksmas’ leads us into two sets filled with fun, laughter and some sarcastic “moshing”. As proven before, the five-piece bring more to their fans than just mindless entertainment. With covers as Talking Heads’ ‘Psycho Killer’ and Michael Nesmith’s written but made famous by The Stone Poneys’ ‘Different Drum’ they intrigue us beyond imagination. The latter cover complements Anderson’s voice so well that one might be under the impression that it’s an original song.

Previously we saw them put remakes of ‘That ‘70s Show’ clips in between the sets but this time they have fully immersed themselves in the Halloween theme. Most notably the video that features bassist Aaron Kelley goof around in a ‘Jigsaw’ mask whilst riding a tricycle around a skatepark. As soon as the clip finished they put the tricycle up for auction and at the time of writing the price has gone up to $4,751.

Often hectic and slightly awkward, The Wrecks present themselves as one of the most likeable indie-bands of the moment. The emotionally heavy ‘Four’ gets counteracted with songs like ‘Fvck Somebody’ and ‘Freaking Out’, which proves they have found the perfect balance to keep it amusing and light whilst tearing on our heartstrings.

Gradually we can see the make-up disappearing, hats coming off and the nervousness disappearing. Throughout the two sets, their musical abilities don’t falter, although they come completely into their own in the second set, when at one point we get sucked into the screen and for one second it seems as if we’re at an actual gig. A feeling only this band can produce with their combination of wittiness and stellar songs made to be jumped/scream along to.

If socially distanced gigs and live streams are the only way forward for the next couple of months, we have found the solution. The Wrecks help distract us from the dire state the world is in right now and never lose our attention. Even by the end of the second set, we are still longing for more.

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Text: Lauren Dehollogne // Art work: Jana Vollmer

This article was previously published in LDN Magazine.

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