excuse me, i love you – Ariana Grande

Each time someone believes that Ariana Grande couldn’t possibly top her past achievements, she excels even more. Not only did she publish her latest album ‘Positions’ and blew the minds of millions of fans all over the world, additionally Grande saves 2020 with the release of ‘excuse me, I love you’, a Netflix film documenting her life on the road during her worldwide sold-out tour ‘Sweetener’ whilst showcasing her final London Show. Grande gives an exclusive look behind the scenes and lets her fans be up close and personal.

Though majority of the movie focusses on her vocals and opening shows (in which she also seems to wear a unique outfit each time), she lets the audience know just how quickly you can get lost at the LA Forum after performing with your partner in crime, Victoria Monet. But most difficult of all, not wearing your glasses and finding your way out. The LA Forum might feel like a maze after that.

Ariana Grande opens her sold out London show at the o2 Arena with her empowering‘God is a woman’ hit, combined with a welcoming smile and a shimmering red dress. With lines such as “…when you try to come for me, I keep on flourishing” Grande sets an important statement on standing strong regardless your gender, your skin or economic background.

Even mega pop star Ariana Grande sometimes finds herself getting starstruck. During the middle of her personal documentary Grande gets a call from her manager, Scooter Brown, breaking the news about Mariah Carey herself requesting Ariana Grande as a part of Careys special video for ‘All I want for Christmas for you’: a compilation of Carey’s own favourite artists. Grande finds herself getting candid and emotional as she states Carey “has been a huge influence on her sound” and adorably sets her phone to record her part straight away.

Throughout the documentary you might ask yourself:

Where does Ariana Grande get her charm from?

But quickly after having seen Grande’s mother Joan Grande, an American chief executive officer, interacting with a crying young fan whom was afraid of the height of their seats at the LA Forum, we know. Joan states that “she hates seeing people cry” and personally invited her to come “sit with them” close to the stage.

Before Grande, who makes sure to give her band and dancers their recognition multiple times throughout their shows, ends her final London show with the massive hit ‘thank u, next’. The crowd gets surprised by a consolation of critical articles around her personal life, which leaves the O2 Arena quiet. Last but not least, her fans are surprised by pink confetti thrown all around the stadium, making sure they’re having their time of their lives.

Grande’s Netflix hit is the perfect gift for not only her fans, but for everyone who wonders what it’s like to be THE popstar, Ariana Grande. It captures just about perfectly how much of an experience it is to attend one of her shows due to the incredible, memorizing stage design and very well thought through performance. 

Ariana Grande attracts every range of age or gender. She sings about all of our deepest longings even the ones we´re possibly too nervous to talk about. From relationships to sexuality, to loneliness, to most importantly: not giving up. With her petite exterior she has been able to conquer all of her fears and downfalls in life, only to make it out stronger and swing her way back into life.

Text by: Hannah Lipfert

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