Introducing: Yoga With Adriene

In the midst of another lockdown and with no clear end in sight, it has become rather difficult for people to stay healthy and optimistic during such a challenging time – both for the body and the mind. This is why Yoga might just be the best way to stay active when walking from the kitchen to the couch and back again has become boring. It comes to no surprise then that online Yoga classes have been booming – and if there is one channel we have loved the most, it is ‘Yoga With Adriene’ by Adriene Mishler, who has moved on to become one of the most popular Yoga teachers, with more than nine million subscribers. But why is that?

On her YouTube channel, Austin-based Adriene Mishler welcomes all people no matter if they are beginners or advanced Yogis to her classes. For beginners, Adriene even offers a ‘Yoga For Beginners’ and ‘Foundations of Yoga’ series during which she guides the participants through every pose and exercise, creating a comfortable and safe space for everyone. In almost all her videos, the charming teacher is often joined by her sweet dog Benji who likes to lie down next to her Yoga mat. The environment in which Mishler records her videos is rather minimalistic, clean, and light, which puts an emphasis on the practice, rather than on possibly distracting surroundings, and embodies the calm and open charisma that she bears. 

A feature that makes her channel quite special and helpful is that she combines Yoga with mindfulness and breath work – Mishler connects the body and the mind, making her classes perfect for when the latter gets lost in the chaos of work, university, or the stress of daily life. Her Yoga practices work on issues that many people deal with and suffer from every day and shine a light on those very same problems: ‘Yoga for Back Pain’, ‘Yoga for Anxiety’, ‘Yoga for Grief’, and many more. And who says that Yoga practices need to be lengthy? For everyone in a hurry, Mishler’s channel includes practices from ten minutes to one hour – therefore the rule is: take what you need.

As of right now, Mishler is offering another one of her exciting ’30-day Yoga Journeys’, this one being related to the theme of ‘Breath’, where she uploads a video every day for the whole month of January. Anyone interested can join whenever they like, even after January, making them universally available for everyone around the planet. The series also follows her Yoga Journey from last year, which was based on the theme of ‘Home’ and received a lot of appreciation and love.

Through her gentle, empathic, and light-hearted radiance, Mishler manages to take away the pressure and frustration that might come with practising Yoga, especially in the beginning when one feels lost and not “good enough”. She always encourages participants to listen to what their body needs and to not see Yoga as a competition – because it has never been about simply twisting yourself into a pretzel. Her community is very supportive, motivating, and kind – just take a look at the comment section of her videos to see for yourself.

Especially during lockdown due to which people struggle with similar issues, many have turned to her Yoga practices for comfort and healing. As her videos are for free and readily available on YouTube, they are the perfect source for body movement, mindfulness, and a strong sense of community during these difficult times. Whether you are having a bad day, feeling energetic and motivated, or just in the need of a quick break from the current dread of life, you might just find your perfect Yoga practice on ‘Yoga With Adriene’. And as Mishler always likes to say – “showing up is the hardest part”. Namaste.

Written by Alexa Zsigmond

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