Live review: Jeremias at the Philharmonie – Cologne

Do you remember those times where standing in the middle of a crowd full of people was a thing? Do you remember how you would dance with your friends and strangers while screaming the lyrics to your favourite songs at the top of your lungs?

Since the concert industry shut down last year, a new format has evolved quickly. Livestream concerts are now trying to help us through all these nights not being able to experience this specific feeling of adrenaline rushing through our body’s, as the lights go off and the music starts playing. Virtual concerts will never replace real concerts, but they still can be a lot of fun.

Take a whole orchestra and four incredibly talented young men, place them on the stage of the Philharmonie in Cologne, Germany and let the magic begin.  The newcomer-band Jeremias played their first big online live stream show this Thursday evening (January 21st), presented by WDR Funkhausorchester and 1LIVE. The band was formed in Hannover, Germany, and consists of lead vocalist Jeremias Heimbach, guitarist Oliver Sparkuhle, bassist Ben Hoffmann and drummer Jonas Herrmann.

The camera moves to the stage, a hundred empty seats in front. It’s a sad sight, yet it gives the audience at home this strange, but peaceful connection to the artists.

Playing the best of their EP’s ‘Du musst an den Frühling glauben’ and ‘alma’, Jeremias definitely did not fail to make everyone at home get up and dance. They also got us to sit down, leaving us mesmerized and speechless, while we listen to this beautifully sung German poetry. The Moderator comes up on stage holding a radio in his hands. As he presses one of the buttons, the sound of applause fills the concert hall.

After 30 minutes into the concert, each member of the band gets to request a musical piece for the orchestra to play. In the next few minutes, we get to hear soundtrack music from Lord of the Rings, the main theme of Game Of Thrones and Breakfast at Tiffany’s ‘Moon River’.

Lead singer Jeremias walks back on stage and sits down in front of the piano. As he hits the keys and starts singing the first words of ‘Grüne Augen lügen nicht’ he creates this silence in the whole concert hall and at home, yet leaving us with loud feelings.

During the rest of the evening, we also get to hear their cover of the very popular Spanish song ‘besamé mucho’ with orchestra accompaniment for the first time, as well as their songs ‘hdl’ and ‘lass dich’. Gentle violins and quiet plucking of the harp’s strings come in. An intro for their song “mit mir” as we’ve never heard it before. And as the grand finale for this evening, Jeremias and the orchestra play their lyrical masterpiece ‘Wenn Blätter Fallen’ and leave us in absolute awe…and tears.

Text by: Melina Spahn

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