New Music Friday

The shortest month of the year has started, February. We can finally see the end of winter approaching and in the meantime, we get a day to celebrate the feeling of love. Another thing to warm our hearts this February are new music releases. This time our list is enamoured by pulsing hits like ‘Pressure’ by Martin Garrix ft. Tove Lo that makes us long to be back in a club, to political anthems being born out of a new social media platform Tik Tok. Please enjoy our list of our favourite music of the moment.

Andra Day – Tigress & Tweed

‘Tigress & Tweed‘ is the third addition to the soundtrack of the highly anticipated upcoming movie ‘The United States vs. Billie Holiday’ and recently got nominated for a Golden Globe in the category ‘Best Original Song’. American singer-songwriter and actress Andra Day who wrote and sang the song also portrays Billie Holiday in the biographical drama.

‘Tigress & Tweed’ seems to be a response to Billie Holiday’s song ‘Strange Fruit’ released in 1937 through which Holiday revolts against the lynching of Black Americans and refers to the victims as the fruit of trees. This metaphor also appears in Day’s lyrics of ‘Tigress & Tweed’ where she sings with her deep soulful voice “Strange fruit come down off the tree / Cut it down under your feet / Juicy fruit, so bittersweet / Fruit stand tall, these roots go deep”. Day mentions that “the lyrics finally came to me like a flood after a prayer one day. I hope people are strengthened by Truth and Love when they hear it”. This description emphasises the personal significance the song has for the singer, which comes out through her raspy, empowering, and rich vocals. Day’s strong voice, which simultaneously sounds smooth like butter, is lifted by a captivating beat and piano melody, as well as frequent inclusions of gospel singers in the background. The raw and powerful emotion Andra Day expresses through the song is also what we expect to see in the biographical drama ‘The United States vs. Billie Holiday’ which will be released on February 26th in the US.

Written by: Alexa Zsigmond

Martin Garrix ft. Tove Lo – Pressure 

From the magical production hands of Martin Garrix comes a new sensual ride of musical ecstasy, dripping with surprisingly dark, deep beats and glistening with singer Tove Lo’s ravishing, haunting vocals. Featuring STMPD RCRDS’ own Osrin and singer-songwriter WILHELM to pull the track to slick perfection, ‘Pressure’ is a treat for both the ears and the senses, wrapping itself around you like a lustrous snake looking for the next kill. After eight long months since his last release, the Dutch producer and star DJ has finally returned, seemingly turning the page to a new chapter of his very own musical rollercoaster ride with this intoxicating, riveting momentum of a song that we cannot wait to move our bodies to until the morning hours once clubs finally get to reopen again.

Written by: Laura Weingrill

MyKey – Sweet Tooth

Originally raised in Rockville, Maryland, prodigious artist and singer-songwriter Mikey Ambrosino, better known as MyKey, has once again set out to prove he’s a force not to be reckoned with, with the release of his latest single ‘Sweet Tooth’. What begins as every indie-kids wet, lo-fi dream straight out of vinyl-land, quickly turns its sight onto new, rougher, more riveting paths, infused with rough, sharp guitar strokes and exhilarating electronic notes. Staying true to his indie-roots, the now in LA-based 25-year-old talent plays, writes, records, mixes, and masters all of his own music while also singlehandedly leading the direction, execution and even animation of accompanying art and videos. And as a playful track best enjoyed during a late-night car ride finished with a dazzling, starry sky, ‘Sweet Tooth’ is proof for MyKey’s bright future that lies ahead.

Written by: Laura Weingrill

Lenii & Callie Reiff – The Kids Are All Rebels 2.0

When it comes to politics, Gen Z is actually well aware of the current state of affairs and its implications, which explains why especially younger artists try to use their voice to raise awareness about politics within their artworks. They not only use major networks like Twitter and Instagram as their primary source of news but also to exchange opinions and spread important messages. 

After Irish artist and producer Lenii went viral on Tik Tok with a rap-verse, calling out the unbalanced systems America is built on, she ended up writing and producing a Gen Z Anthem. The track is called ‘The Kids Are All Rebels’ and deals with topics such as climate change, Covid-19, police brutality and sexism. As New York-based producer Callie Reiff also came across this track, she instantly loved the meaning behind it and reached out to Lenii.

Now here it is A collaborative remix called ‘The Kids Are All Rebels 2.0’, including Callie’s electrifying, indie-club spin and Lenii’s distinctive voice. Strong lyrics like “Then they tell us that we’re the ones causing a scene / Maybe that’s just what we need” will make you feel every emotion that the past months, and even years full of terrifying events, triggered in our souls. Callie Reiff took all her fearless energy and put an even more powerful touch to the record. She definitely knows how to capture attention from the audience. While listening to her sounds, you can absolutely feel the passionate energy that she confers right into the listener’s body. 

With this track, Lenii and Reiff make us feel like this isn’t just their track, but ours too. It’s a musical piece that connects all of us. You definitely don’t want to miss this anthem. But disclaimer: You might get obsessed.

Written by: Melina Spahn

FINNEAS – American Cliché

‘American Cliché’, unlike its name, is a track full of refreshing sounds that dabbles into the world of romantic clichés whilst still finding the humour in these instances. “Missing a girl in a French café / … / You blush and duck out of frame” is a play on the age-old scenes seen in Hollywood movies portraying a climax before the ever-so-romantic couple realises their love for each other and get together.

FINNEAS who is known for his soft-spoken emotional pop songs does what he does best. He uses the fragility of his voice to get across multiple genres in ‘American Cliché’. Throughout the three minutes and 23 seconds, the listener can find resemblances of a cabaret song, an emotional belter, a Broadway soundtrack and a modern top-40 pop track. 

‘American Cliché’ creates the perfect balance between comedy and sensitive songwriting, a song that can pick you up and make you laugh all the while making you tear up and ponder on the meaning of love. FINNEAS yet again proves that he is a force to be reckoned with and that his musical skills will be taking over the world for the years yet to come.

Written by: Lauren Dehollogne

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