Album Review: Demi Lovato – Dancing With The Devil… The Art Of Starting Over

On April 2nd Demi Lovato released her seventh studio album ‘Dancing With The Devil… The Art Of Starting Over’, her comeback album after her three-year break due to her overdose and hospitalisation in 2018. 

Since she prefers to process traumatic experiences from the past by writing songs instead of talking about them in interviews, the album focuses exactly on that. With ‘Dancing With The Devil… The Start of Starting Over’ Lovato brings brutal honesty as she finishes a chapter that was and still is hard to overcome but continues to write her own story, with more hope and motivation than she has ever had before. 

The heart-break-ballad ‘Anyone’ is about longing for someone to be there for her infinitely. This track was also the 28-age-year-old’s comeback single that she performed at the 2020 edition of the Grammys. ‘My Girlfriends Are My Boyfriends’ ft. Saweetie, speaks about her love for her friends and women empowerment in general.

The album not only proves to be a perfect piece of self-care but also shows to be an outspoken journey of Lovato’s personal mental health. ‘Met Him Last Night’ ft. Ariana Grande was the most anticipated song of the album and it certainly met all fan expectations as both of their powerful voices harmonise gracefully throughout the track. For everyone wondering how Lovato is doing right now, the last song gives an explanation and some kind of relief as she sings: “Through bad situations, fixed the foundation and now I’m doing alright, now I’m in a good place”. And we all hope that’s true, not just for Lovato’s own sake but for everyone who might need someone to look at, something to listen to and remind themselves that everything will be okay in the end, and if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

Written by: Vicky Madzak

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