EP Review: Noah Cyrus & PJ Harding – People Don’t Change

American singer-songwriter Noah Cyrus and Australian singer-songwriter PJ Harding share their collaborative acoustic EP ‘People Don’t Change’, which encompasses a strong folk and country sound. All six tracks showcase the two singers’ passionate voices and the smooth harmonies that make their collaboration so heartfelt.

What makes ‘People Don’t Change’ so distinctive is that only a guitar and a piano got employed as instrumental accompaniments. This EP seems so raw and natural that one might even think that the songs are live recordings, especially due to their acoustic ambience. ‘People Don’t Change’ does not gain its captivating quality through complex musical arrangements and spectacular sound editing, but rather through honest and personal stories. As we all know, life is not always rainbows and butterflies.

Life can be cruel and painful, which Cyrus and Harding discuss in the third track of the EP, ‘Cannonball’: “Cold indifference / Boredom and bitterness / I can’t keep doing this, night after night / I don’t want this anymore”. The toxic relationship brought this person to feel careless and emotionless. This song proves how dangerous broken relationships can become if you don’t let go to save yourself. The EP consists mostly of sad songs apart from ‘Dear August’, which got released in February. ‘The Worst of You’ is a beautiful guitar-led folk song that highlights Cyrus’ and Harding’s perfectly harmonising voices. Sometimes, we accept getting hurt by the same person over and over again because our love is so strong that we avoid the truth and neglect our needs: “And it feels like all I ever do is / Pay for your excuses / To buy a little time / I don’t know why I even entertain it / You’re never gonna change, Hell, you’re never gonna try”.

With ‘People Don’t Change’, Noah Cyrus and PJ Harding prove that people in different circumstances – Cyrus being a 21-year-old young woman and Harding already being married and a father of two children – can experience similar pain, which unites us all as human beings. Through its acoustic instrumental sound, the EP creates an intimate and heart-rending musical experience for the listener.

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Written by: Alexa Zsigmond

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