Song Review: Nothing But Thieves – Miracle, Baby

In a world that has been dreary for far too long, it’s no surprise that many people have been wishing for things to change, for a miracle to come their way and put everything back to its rightful place. That is exactly what Nothing But Thieves’ latest single ‘Miracle, Baby’ is all about – an urge for the present to become a bit more colourful, brighter. And while the song starts off brutally honest and rational in the alt-group’s typical manner, it can’t help but leave a hopeful aftertaste.

Written directly after their previous indulgent release ‘Futureproof’, the band’s latest musical master ride features musical influences from prog rock and one might even call it spacey, while it vocally draws from soul and funk spheres and once again beams thanks to singer Conor Mason’s hauntingly beautiful vocals leading through the layered hit. Lyric-wise ‘Miracle, Baby’ is yet another example of NBT’s stellar songwriting skills, as a reflection on the many issues that we face in modern society today, tinged with anger, frustration, and a feeling of being lost, while still ending up in a place of hope, with lyrics like “You need a miracle, baby / But I wouldn’t wait too long / It’s not gonna save ya / Seen any miracles lately? / They hardly ever come along” and “But maybe one day soon / It will come to you / Yeah, maybe one day soon / It will come to you”. “The lyrics are light-hearted in a way which felt refreshing to include in the ‘Moral Panic world’. We wanted to create a narrative – they’re actually very nearly a joke, but the end seems to turn them round somehow and makes the whole thing more punchy,”, the band explains.

But this isn’t where it ends. While the break due to the pandemic had given the five-piece enough space and time to focus on the release of their latest full-length adventure ‘Moral Panic’, the Southend-based group felt like taking advantage of their newfound freedom, resulting in their forthcoming EP titled ‘Moral Panic II’. “It didn’t feel like we were done with the ‘Moral Panic’ theme. But we also had the luxury of time to assess the album and explore some avenues we felt the album may have missed,”, the band further discusses. “In that way, it was important that ‘Moral Panic II’ comprised of completely fresh, newly written songs rather than songs that just didn’t wind up making the album, like how a traditional deluxe version would function. There’s a familiarity, but we also really honed in on a new side of the band. ‘Part II’ really rounds ‘Part I’ out – the two parts should be enjoyed as one project.”

Set to be released next Friday, the EP will boast five completely new tracks, with ‘Futureproof’ and ‘Miracle, Baby’ among them, and according to guitarist Joe Langridge-Brown will surprise one or the other fan. And while it’s still a week to go until the release, the band has kept their fanbase busy, from leaving signed cards in cities all around the world to publishing a cryptic website and hiding locations in download folders and taglines of pictures.

Ever since their first release in 2014, Nothing But Thieves have made it their mission to paint an honest picture of the present day, of the world and how it looks today. And with the narrative of ‘Moral Panic’ getting another puzzle piece added to it with their upcoming EP, we already cannot wait for the British rockers to explore new layers of their artistry and urging us yet again to face ourselves.

Nothing But Thieves’ new single ‘Miracle, Baby’ is out now via Sony/RCA. Follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Spotify.

Written by Laura Weingrill

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