Amsterdam in itself is truly a magical place to visit; the canals, the narrow houses, and the enormous cultural legacy all make this city worth discovering. One of the city’s great assets is its wide variety of museums and exhibitions. Located right in front of Amsterdam’s astonishing Rijksmuseum is the Moco Museum – a must-visit for anyone planning a trip to the city. The ‘Digital Immersive Art exhibition by Studio Irma x Moco’ is currently open to the public and feels like entering a whole other world, daydreaming never felt so real!

Villa Alsberg, the early 20th-century house in which the Moco Museum is situated, houses modern as well as contemporary art. Fans of Keith Haring, Banksy, and Andy Warhol will have a whale of a time in this museum. One of the museum’s most eye-catching exhibitions at the moment is the Digital Immersive Art exhibition by Studio Irma in collaboration with Moco. Instead of reflecting backward in time, this exhibition suggests reflecting forward to create “a new conscious way of living”. The dazzling light structures with bright colors surrounded by countless mirrors that reflect your every move will help you drift away to something that feels like a totally different time and space. Each of the four different rooms into which the exhibition is divided has a unique atmosphere and feel. Despite being a fairly small exhibit, the interplay of light, sound, and reflections creates a sense of infinity. As a result, visiting the Digitial immersive Art exhibition feels as though it is overwhelmingly large.

Even though 2020 might have felt like a year in which we were less connected to each other, the world, and maybe even ourselves, this exhibition – created in 2020 – takes “connecting” to a whole other level. The exhibition “shows endless connections to reveal what the future can look like”, according to the museum’s website; creating connections is one of the main purposes of the Digitial Immersive Art exhibition. The museum and Studio Irma want the visitors to explore a new art movement: Connectivism. According to Studio Irma, “Connectivism stresses that internet technologies like web browsers, search engines, and social media contribute to new ways of understanding and learning in our digital age.” Through this exhibition – which is highly interactive and an impressive experience – they want to stimulate your senses and ask you to reflect on the future. One thing’s for sure: both young and old will be impressed and fascinated by this incredible work of art.

More information about the Digital Immersive Art exhibition by Studio Irma x Moco’ can be found on the website of Moco Museum:

Written by: Ine Vanvuchelen

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