Album Review: LANY – gg bb xx

The American indie-pop trio Paul Klein, Jake Gross and Les Priest – better known as LANY (which stands for Los Angeles and New York, as they are based in both cities) – finally released their highly anticipated fourth studio album ‘gg bb xx’ at midnight on Friday the 3rd of September across all platforms and all over the world. The title itself is, as many people assumed when it was announced, not an abbreviation, but rather doesn’t stand for anything and the only thing that would come up if you googled it would be LANY – a unique marketing strategy by frontman Paul Klein. In an interview prior to the release, Klein explained that he didn’t want an album title to take away from the feelings the songs could deliver and the fact that every single listener will experience them individually – therefore ‘gg bb xx’ will have the liberty of meaning something different to you than it will for anybody else.

Compared to their 2020 album release ‘mama’s boy’ – where Klein admitted to have taken a different route to show more of what’s behind LANY as a band and what they can do musically – ‘gg bb xx’ is the return to LANY themselves, but more focused, louder and elevated than ever before.

In true LANY fashion, this album is about love – but this time surprisingly not about an ugly breakup and the lingering heartache that follows. ‘gg bb xx’ sounds like what being in a healthy, stable and happy relationship should feel like, whether it is with yourself or a significant other. It’s all about the growth that comes with learning from failed relationships of the past, reflecting on them and yourself, realising your own mistakes and figuring out what you truly want and deserve.

Throughout the album, electric sounds and prominent basslines are a significant factor, which work in contrast to Klein’s ever so soothing voice that sings lyrics of self-reflection, reassurance and empowerment, delivering an unexplainable feeling of comfort and nostalgia. Klein always insisted on writing songs and making music for people to relate to, to feel seen and supported, instead of just making conventionally “good songs”. And with ‘gg bb xx’ him and LANY prove once again that this is exactly what they should be doing and why their fanbase continues to grow all around the globe.

Written by Vicky Madzak

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