New Music Friday

Lennon Stella – Fancy

For the first time since the release of the wonderful album ‘Three. Two. One.’ in April 2020, Lennon Stella has shared her newest song with the world: ‘Fancy’. This free-spirited and breezy song has all the ingredients to boost your mood. 

It is a rhythmic indie-pop song that features synths and brass instruments. Her dreamy voice matches the vibe of the song perfectly. The song starts out rather subdued, but blossoms into a proper earworm in the chorus. The lyrics are filled with a sense of enthusiasm and tingling excitement, something many of us are probably also experiencing now that life is pretty much back to normal. 

Stella shared with her fans that this song was co-written by Grammy Award-winner Malay – who has worked with artists such as Lorde and Frank Ocean – and Simon Wilcox, with whom she also collaborated for her debut album. With ‘Fancy’, Lennon Stella stays true to her sound while also showcasing her musical growth. This promising single leaves us very curious as to where her music is headed next.


Written by: Ine Vanvuchelen

Suki Waterhouse – Moves

I can’t forget that night, you said I look like Suzi Quatro”, is the first line of Suki Waterhouse’s brand new single ‘Moves’ and it’s based on a real life experience. A couple years ago when Waterhouse was out one night, someone gave her the compliment that stuck with her and made her want to be perceived like that always. Other than that, the melancholy, dreamy-pop track is inspired by ‘60s girl group influences that Waterhouse herself loves to listen to and the feminist film classic ‘Thelma & Louise’, as she imagines it to be the kind of song that would be playing in the back as they drive off the cliff into the deep end. Waterhouse loves the juxtaposition of seduction and desperation that is audible in the way she sings lyrics that come from a place of helplessness, she told NME earlier this week, and she successfully makes you fall in love with it too.

Written by: Vicky Madzak

HalfNoise – Superstition

HalfNoise have finally returned from their break with some new stellar music and an exciting album announcement in tow. Formed as a fun side project by Paramore’s drummer Zac Farro, the multi-layered indie group has been blessing the world with their effortless mix of alt-pop, addictive rock sounds and disco influences.

Unsurprisingly, their latest release ‘Superstition’ is yet another dream come true in the form of a stunning, violin-based rollercoaster ride of Farro’s perfectly pitched vocals and funky piano lines that sound like they were briefly borrowed straight from the 70s. Following the popular theme of love that can feel right and wrong at the same time, the song serves as the perfect introduction to HalfNoise’s new era, which is set to peak in the release of their upcoming album ‘Motif’ on the 5th of November and evidently inspired by Farro’s relationship with his partner and collaborator Kayla Graninger.

Written by: Laura Weingrill

Adele – Easy On Me

Adele is back, and is ready to once again take over the world with her upcoming album ‘30’. ‘Easy On Me’, is the first glimpse into what she has in store for us. The British singer who is known for her songs that explain the emotional turmoil she has gone through, especially in love, proves that ‘Easy On Me’ is another excellent staple of that genre.

The 33-year-old has gone through major changes lately, as she divorced her (ex)-husband and took those feelings as main inspiration for her third album. As melancholic yet melodic as ever, Adele’s strong voice appears from the first line, and never leaves us without the typical warm embrace her vocal power conveys. Yet, again clarifying that Adele’s ‘30’ will be as important as her predecessors.

Written by: Lauren Dehollogne

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