EP Review – Maude Latour

Bubblegum pop mixed with an edge of indie earnestness, is the best way to describe Maude Latour’s latest EP, ‘Strangers Forever’. Grouping together previously released singles, ‘Furniture’, ‘One More Weekend’, ‘Block Your Number’, ‘Walk Backwards’ and ‘Clean’, while adding two new songs, brings ‘Strangers Forever’, a sense of familiarity with a new and exciting twist.

Often singing about young love, all of its excitement and woes, the 22-year-old, has a way to bring her pure enthralling energy to her music. Therefore, creating a distinct sound. A sound, that returns in ‘Strangers Forever’. The titular track, sees the young artist grapple with the fact that the person she still loves is done with their relationship, which makes for three minutes and fourteen seconds of an almost made-for-film cathartic experience. “And the world is smaller with you, maybe I am not so alone,” she sings in ‘One More Weekend’, a sentence so intricate in the sphere of the earlier released single. As it references to the earth in its whole but also the city that is the setting for this momentum, New York, but maybe the most important one, the world of feelings within Latour.

‘Strangers Forever’ is an EP, that makes you go through a multitude of emotions, yet through all of them the listener can skip through life, whilst breaking out in an occasional dance, and imagine their life to be like one seen in a bubbly coming-of age movie. Maude Latour, doesn’t try to be like anyone else, which makes her a unique artist that creates pure pop excellence.

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Written by Lauren Dehollogne

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