Live Review: Parcels live at Brixton Academy

After four years of anticipation, the prodigious band Parcels return to the UK for their grand Europe/Australia tour. With a spectacular two-hour set of a beautiful blend of both old and new songs, this five-piece Australian band blew the audience’s mind with their level of range.

The show began with the band crowding centre stage as if the audience was a fly on the wall watching a private studio session. With an intoxicating light show flooding the venue, Parcels left the audience stunned by their talents as both masters of their instruments and vocalists. Whilst they truly embraced individualism as instrumentalists, there was so much intimacy between each member, you could see their passion shining through their performance. Some could compare them to the likes of The Beatles and especially of Daft Punk; you can hear the inspiration they’ve taken from the legendary French duo, particularly after they collaborated on Overnight back in 2017.

The band created a glorious balance of funk and disco, with soft and soulful vocals that took you through a rollercoaster of emotions. The short, chic guitar licks paired with the groovy bass lines were a fever dream for music lovers. Halfway through the show, the band performed a 20-minute EDM interlude, which was entrancing and brought a neo-psychedelic vibe to the electric genre. Their excited fans could see each band member beaming with gratuity at the sheer sight of the roaring crowd; they created an intimate energy that connected the audience with them. The night was a stunning representation of their unique artistry leaving the UK ready and waiting for their next tour.

Written by Raabia Haq // photography by Remi Ferrante Hartman

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