Live Review: Modernlove. at Lafayette

The fresh-faced Irish quartet modernlove. has been making waves over the past few years since their emergence into the limelight during the pandemic. Ever since then, the band has continuously been releasing one musical endeavour after the other, most recently their latest EP called ‘Nightlife’, and surfing on England’s highways from one live show to the next. One of those many stops was at London’s famous Lafayette for a sold-out gig that left the crowd high on music-induced ecstasy and urging for more.

Starting their set with the electric ‘Until My Heart Stops Beating’, the four-piece, made up of members Barry Lally (vocals/guitar), Graham Fagen (guitar), Daniel Rooney (bass), and Cian McClusky (drums), instantly made it clear that they meant business, filling the packed room with their glittering indie-pop tunes. Capturing the crowd in just the right ways, lead singer Lally’s masterful raspy voice led their excited fanbase through the night, riding the waves of older hits and stellar newer releases and always coming back to that certain place of appreciation for what was happening.

Featuring their signature melodic riffs and weighty drumbeats that have secured the group such a fitting spot right in the centre of today’s indie pop scene, modernlove. made sure to create a setlist that resembled a journey between loud highs with songs like ‘Take Me Far Away’, the dancey ‘Take My Head’ and ‘Us’, and calmer moments supported by fan-favourites ‘Come Over x’ and ‘Liquorice’.

Ending the night on the popular, high-energy tracks ‘2 Missed Calls’ and ‘Follow You’ (loud chants of “one more song” from the crowd included), the four friends brought the full venue to a bounce and celebrated their biggest headline show to date proving why they have been seeing such a rapid upward surge throughout the past year. And with another UK headline tour already announced for later this year, we know there is only one way for these indie lads to go – up.

Written by Laura Weingrill // photography Daniel Alexander Harris

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