Live Review: Tycho Jones at Folklore Hoxton

In a world hungry for fresh musical talents, up-and-coming indie act Tycho Jones emerged like a comet in the night sky and has been creating one rippling wave after the next to shake up the industry. The London-based artist recently took over Folklore Hoxton for their debut full-band live show, which brought the sold-out room close to a burst with energy. With an air of anticipation and intrigue encircling Jones, the atmosphere crackled as the lights dimmed and the audience got ready to embark on a musical journey into the unknown.

Surrounded by a three-piece band, a premiere in the artist’s gigging history, Jones launched into their first songs, the bouncy ‘Pink + Blue’ and the addictive breakout single ‘Don’t Be Afraid’, and within seconds, the excited crowd, which featured many friends and family of the artist, was captivated by the unique blend of electronic beats and cool vibes. The whole evening consisted of an effortless transition between ethereal melodies and pulsating guitar lines with hit songs like ‘Serotonin’, ‘Student Loan’ and ‘Clouds’, showcasing Jones’ versatility as an artist.

One of the highlights of the night came as Jones performed a yet-to-be-released track, which will be featured on the singer’s upcoming EP, as well as the bubbly indie number ‘Risk To My Reward’, which brought the whole venue to a bounce and even had one fan being pulled up into the air by the crowd in an ecstatic frenzy. As the concert drew to a close, the audience erupted into thunderous applause and cheers, which yet again proved why Jones is considered an act to watch out for this year.

Since first rising to success with their 2021 debut mixtape ‘Tychonaut’, Tycho Jones has been pushing their lyrical and sonic boundaries to pave their way as an artist and create a musical universe that is uniquely their own. With yet another EP waiting around the corner and even more concerts already booked in the calendar – the next one will be at the Venue MOT on the 8th of June – Jones undoubtedly left an unforgettable mark on the hearts and minds of all who were fortunate enough to witness this extraordinary concert and shouldn’t be missed out on in the future. We already can’t wait for what is to come for Jones, and there is no doubt that the only way for them is up.

Written by Laura Weingrill // photography by Margherita Allievi

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