Live Review: Wild Front at The 1865

Anyone remember gigs? The phenomenal events we used to attend to scream our lungs out, admiringly stare at the artists on stage in front of us, and dance the night away until our feet would give up? The events that some of us would call our greatest love, our ultimate place of happiness? Yeah, remember those? They are back – after all this time. For us, it is the Southampton-based indie-group Wild Front that we have to thank for getting us back together with live music. For the slight ringing in our ears. Our hoarse voices. And a feeling of happiness that can never be surpassed.

“It’s so nice to have you all here, thank you so much for coming,”, frontman and guitarist Jack Williams smiles at the crowd seated in front of him. It has been a very long time since he was last able to look into the happy faces of his band’s fans and it has been a very long time since those very same excited fans have been able to enjoy the four-piece’s music live. Way too long, many would say. But that is just one of the many reasons why their comeback show at the famous Southampton venue ‘The 1865’ feels not only like a celebration of the band’s music but also like a big fest for the revival of live gigs.

Most importantly, the show also feels like coming home – literally and metaphorically – with about 80 percent of the crowd consisting of either friends or family. It is this sense of love and community that fills up the venue more than anything else – besides the consistent requests getting shouted from the crowd at lead singer Jack to take his shirt off or to play their beloved and absolute fan-favourite cover of Phoebe Bridgers’ song ‘Garden Song’. Unfortunately, both requests have to be turned down, with the latter even being accompanied with a personal apology to Williams’ mum, who is also part of the audience.

With the shirt staying on and without the ‘Garden Song’ cover, but nonetheless, a setlist to dream for, Wild Front give their fans and us everything we could have ever wished for. With an effortless mix of their greatest hits like ‘Rico’ and ‘Southside’ and a selection of striking songs from their latest EP ‘The Great Indoors’, the group never fails to uphold the sparkling atmosphere in the room, with singer Williams’ soft, dreamy vocals leading through the evening, while being perfectly elevated by the faultless instrumentals from his bandmates.

After all, the indie-wonders of Wild Front have given us something that we thought to have lost for nearly forever – they have reunited us with live music. And with their one-hour long set packed with shining indie-hits and heavenly stars of alt-rock, they manage to build up a world that we happily step out of reality for and lose ourselves in the quartet’s music. We might not have our beloved normality back just yet, but if there is one thing that Wild Front prove with their show, it is that live music will always find its way back to us, no matter what.

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Written by: Laura Weingrill // Photos by: LJR Photography and BCB Media

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