Album Review: Kerri Watt – Neptune’s Daughter

The chaos that 2020 brought along sadly didn’t disappear in 2021, however, there will always be music to accompany us through the hard times. Kerri Watt’s highly anticipated debut album ‘Neptune’s Daughter’ is a worthy listen that sends us into the new year with a refreshing energy boost.

The Scottish singer-songwriter Kerri Watt has many years of experience in the music industry. She has also started her show called ‘Watt A Wonderful World’, which has been streaming every Wednesday at 7 pm for over four months. ‘Neptune’s Daughter’ was recorded together with a live band in 2018 in Austin, Texas. On January 15th she finally released this very special album of hers. This time Watt wanted to try something different with her sound and ended up working with Texas-based producer Machine, who’s also worked with artists like Fall Out Boy and Lamb of God, to bring some elements of rock, blues, and contemporary pop into her songs. Watt likes to call the whole genre of this album “Americana” as it’s an umbrella term that covers all these different genres.

The album starts with her song ‘All the Worse for Me’ in which she sings “I can taste the poison, but I still want to take a bite” while using well-dosed accompaniment of electric guitar and drums to support her slightly fuzzy vocals. In this one, Kerri Watt creates this fiery and dangerous atmosphere that just makes the listener feel powerful.

‘Kissing Fools’ is the second tune on this album and was already released on February 14th, 2020 as her third single with record label Cooking Vinyl. The title of the track already gave the theme of the song away, a pure romance tale. If you have a partner you’ll probably want to take their hand and just dance to this song. Also, don’t miss out on the beautifully made music video, which was inspired by her love of ‘90s movies.

If you’re looking for absolute good and empowering vibes, ‘You Can’t Catch Me’ will be just the right choice. With a fast rhythm, a catchy guitar, and lyrics like “But I’ll lay down happy with the life I choose, you can’t catch me” Watt definitely leaves you with a brighter mindset.

“Nights so pretty, days so long. Worn out jeans and cherry soda” Watt takes us on a ride to California, where she spent some time whilst living there. With ‘Waking Up in California’ she will certainly unleash a feeling of wanderlust to you.

But this was just a small insight into the album. You’ll find more visions of love, good feelings, adventures and even heartbreak in her other tracks. With a total of twelve songs, ‘Neptune’s Daughter’ is now out in the world. You can stream it online and order yourself a physical copy. If you want more, there also is a Deluxe Digital Edition with six bonus acoustic tracks available.

Text by: Melina Spahn

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