Single Review: Good Boy Daisy – Never Learn

‘Never Learn’ Good Boy Daisy’s latest single creates the perfect mix of mid-noughties emo-pop melodies with a catchy rhythm that fits right in with the current TikTok culture. Twins Hallie and Dylinn Mayes released their debut single ‘Grey’ in November 2020 and haven’t sat still since then. 

‘Never Learn’ embarks on a trip and picks up the spirit of early Avril Lavigne’s ‘Let It Go’ era whilst still holding on to the band’s originality. Alongside a feature of indie-rock band The Wrecks, this alt-pop anthem feels like a conversation between a toxic couple on the brink of breaking up, trying to find ways to break lose yet always finding their way back together. “I could learn to hate you but I have learned to put myself first. I would love to hurt you but I’m holding back my every word.” Are some of the most empowering lines belted out by the powerful voice of lead vocalist Hallie Mayes.

Good Boy Daisy opens up a new portal to modern alt-pop. The band honours its predecessors while creating a modern element to their music. If their future instalments are as energetic as the tracks they have already brought upon us, there’s no doubt that even more people around the globe are going to blast their music on the loudest level possible and will scream/sing the lyrics to the closest individual possible. 

2020 has been dominated by the return of disco and bedroom pop and although 2021 seems to be going into the same direction, there’s no escaping to the pop-punk and alt-pop presence multiple outlets have been craving. Good Boy Daisy’s music is not to swing to, neither to daydream and cry to but will rather excel in a room full of sweaty strangers jumping up and down to your favourite beats, quite possibly the blasting tunes of ‘Never Learn’.

Text by: Lauren Dehollogne

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