TV Review: Sexify

Haven’t we all been taught to keep quiet on female masturbation and sex, as it was something forbidden? Poland’s new hit show sexify might help you let loose of those antiquated rules. Released on April 24, sexify features Natalia, a university student from Warsaw, who needs to completely change her master thesis three months before the deadline because of her professor who expressed that he didn’t like the idea of a thesis surrounding an app that helps improve your sleep and deemed it “unsexy”.

So, sexify was introduced, an app for better sex. This is not the easiest task for Natalia, since she has never had sex. As smart as Natalia is, she can’t do this by herself, and this brings her two friends from college into the picture. Monika, who seems to have a lot of sex, but fakes orgasms to her partners, and Paulina, a catholic girl living with her boyfriend, who is never quite satisfied by the sex with her partner. So, to gain information, the three women set up a private room named “all things sex”, which offers privacy in a crowded dorm building for intimate moments full of sexual encounters and orgasms, when in return they receive information on female pleasure to set up their app.

Unfortunately, there are not many shows that open up on women’s pleasure. It is seen as something forbidden when in reality, it is something most of us experience? But thanks to the #metoo movement and the ever-changing society, women all over the world are daring to talk more about their preferences, rights and are overall more inclined to raise their voices. Nevertheless, the show’s honesty might come unexpected, coming from Poland. As the leaders of the country set up a law against abortion at the beginning of the year, which proves to be a major step backwards in terms of the pro-choice movement but also tackles a deeper rooted issue, women’s exploration of sexuality. But sexify is not going to let this news get in the way of their show: in fact, them incorporating sex toys, female pleasure and sexual encounter might help women to be more open with one another, to just let go of age-old standards and to make female pleasure more debatable.

Watch sexify on Netflix.

Written by: Hannah Lipfert

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