Hidden Gems: Isaiah Peck

Toronto based triple-threat Isaiah Peck has a diverse blend of artistries, having been born into the magical spells of hip-hop. The young virtuoso, best known for his role as Henry on the hit Canadian TV Series ‘The Next Step’, has big dreams and ambitions as he extends his creative palette, progressing with excitement into the music scene. 

Describing his songwriting process and chuckling at the almost nocturnal sleep schedule he’s undertaken as a result, Peck explains how the creation of his music is always “subject to change”, sometimes starting with a beat, whilst other times focusing on “bringing the lyrics to life”. Highlighting the importance of remaining truly passionate and enjoying the creative process, the 21-year-old states, “It has to be natural. When you’re not having fun, that’s the time you have to take a step away for a second and approach it in a clearer headspace,”, encouraging us all to keep our own sanity first. Peck has stayed authentic and true to himself throughout the process: “For me, retracing my steps and going back to my roots is what makes me feel whole. Revisiting the things I fell in love with and what’s inspired me both as a musician and a dancer.”

Laughing over his parents and sister’s honest constructive criticism surrounding his work and explaining how his sister often plays unreleased tracks to her friends to gauge their responses, Peck fondly talks about the supportive and honest people surrounding him, keeping him inspired throughout his personal life and when embarking into his career. “If I could talk to my 15- or 16-year-old self, I’d tell him that not everything feels like the end of the world. There were a lot of moments where I felt like it was ending, the sky was falling and I thought I was never going to get through it, but here I am.”

Peck’s music has always possessed a unique sound, retaining the distinct groove and dance approach that he has been surrounded by his entire life. Hinting at what we can expect from GOODBADUGLY, a young, new boy group from Toronto, Canada, the Canadian native expresses it to be something different and an interesting concept to witness as they break through into the music industry: “The music is going to be kind of influenced by R&B but it’s a little bit more on the alternative pop side. We’re all very different and contain various sides and versions of good, bad and ugly within each of us. I think the music is always representative of what’s good, bad and what’s ugly about life.”

It has to be natural. When you’re not having fun, that’s the time you have to take a step away for a second and approach it in a clearer headspace.

In addition to having released his debut EP ‘Godspeed’ last year, alongside a collection of separate singles, Peck has got his list of ultimate goals for over the next five years ready. From releasing a successful album eventually to the GOODBAGUGLY group thriving, and from travelling and exploring the world to a greater extent to ensuring his family is all secure and happy, Peck is focused and working hard to achieve it all.

“I’m just very grateful to still be working, doing what I love, and making a living from it,”, the young artist concludes. With tones of immense hope and excitement, and many new projects in the works, this truly is only the beginning for Isaiah Peck and his ever-expanding creative ensemble.

Written by: Issy Todd

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