Song Review: Nothing But Thieves – Futureproof

2021 has been a quiet year so far for the alt-rock group Nothing But Thieves. But while their live concerts and public appearances have been pushed back to the end of the year and a few festival slots this summer, the British rockers have used their break to hone their writing skills and move into a new, more elevated musical sphere. Full of gritty guitars and a haunting beat, their newest single ‘Futureproof’ sees the group step into darker surroundings while still staying close to their trademark rocky sound.

Nothing But Thieves have never been a band that shied away from shining a light on today’s societal issues and effortlessly turning their own views, opinions and criticisms into flawless pieces of musical expertise. Kicking the track off with singer Conor Mason roaring “They’re shutting down the protest, yeah, we’re so on trend / Quick, go grab a picture, go get that content / You’re stealing the attention, but it’s a great look / Why do you wanna do good when you can feel good?”, NBT’s latest release is no exception to that and gives an appreciative nod to bands like Rage Against The Machine, a long-time inspiration for the now London-based group, with its politically- and socially-induced lyrics that talk about self-preservation and the meaning of it for different people and the lengths one would go to achieve it.

Sonically, the song feels like an organic continuation of the group’s third full-length record ‘Moral Panic’ and its stellar tracks like ‘Unperson’ and ‘Can You Afford to Be An Individual’ and once again hits the mark perfectly thanks to a stunning production by guitarist Dom Craik and Richard Costey. Influenced by NBT’s constant strive to evolve and grow as a band, the dynamic venture serves as a guitar rock and hip-hop hybrid and sees the band tip their musical toes in some of the most sinister and experimental areas of their soundscape. Chromatic and dark in all the right places, ‘Futureproof’ shines as a guitar number mixed like a hip-hop track with deep, intense drums and Mason’s ethereal vocals that wind their ways through the song.

Energetic and experimental as ever, Nothing But Thieves’ latest release ‘Futureproof’ has the five-piece explore new layers of their artistry and stepping up a level, while never losing touch with their authenticity and unique sound the group has become known and loved for.

Nothing But Thieves’ new single ‘Futureproof’ is out now via Sony/RCA. Follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Spotify.

Written by Laura Weingrill // photography by Frank Fieber

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