New Music Round Up

Troye Sivan – Angel Baby

‘Angel Baby’ is a romantic indie-ballad by Australian singer and songwriter Troye Sivan. The song fantasises about a potential lover and the intense emotions that we experience when we are in love – adoration, hope and peace.

‘Angel Baby’ feels like a daydream which is reflected in the lyrics as well as the musical accompaniment. A dramatic beat that is implemented throughout the whole song and dreamy e-guitar melodies support the sentimental lyrics. “I just wanna live in this moment forever / ‘Cause I’m afraid that living couldn’t get any better / Started giving up on the word “forever” / Until you gave up heaven so we could be together”, the singer passionately belts out in the chorus. The last line might refer to Sivan’s significant other who “gave up heaven” in order to be in a relationship with another man, as the singer has outed himself as gay in 2013.

On his Instagram profile Sivan writes about ‘Angel Baby’: “I think I’m romantic…Sometimes I wonder if I’ve lost hope, and then I’ll write on a song like Angel Baby and let myself remember and daydream and fantasise for a sec.” The idea behind ‘Angel Baby’ becomes crystal clear. The song let’s the audience dream about and envision an ideal romance and the possibility of real love. It is a song to simply lay back, close our eyes and start dreaming.

Written by Alexa Zsigmond

half•alive – Make of It

Effortlessly clashing together indie-pop with addictive dance beats and a deep bass that draws a line up to your heart, half•alive’s latest release “Make of It” sees the three-piece band tap their toes into new territories and grow to stunning heights. As coined by the band itself, the stellar track embodies a story in which worlds not only interconnect but bleed into one another in a messy display of beautiful humanity. As done so often with their music, the California-based trio once again uses their musical skills to draw a picture of real life. One where we must drown to land, sink to swim, move to heal, and dive to the deepest depths to breathe again.

Carried by yet another cinematic masterpiece written and directed by Emma Portner, “Make of It” stands proud as a musical and visual centrepiece of the band’s new era. Once again featuring dance as the strongest element of their filmic storytelling, the song’s video immediately draws the watcher in and never fails to support the soundscape it is based on. And it proves that half•alive have without a doubt come to stay.

Written by Laura Weingrill

Taylor Swift – Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)

Taylor Swift has released her latest re-recording song yet it’s not one from upcoming album ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ but rather one of the singles of what will presumably be ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’. ‘Wildest Dreams’, the original version has been trending on social media app TikTok for a while and Swift picked up on that and gave her fans the updated version.

As her re-recordings are rolling out, Swift has somehow found a way to capture the original feelings the songs portrayed with a near to perfect resembling sound that transports us back to the era’s she first showed us these songs whilst at the same time elevating it to a new level, with stronger and improved vocal renditions and crispier productional values. Although ‘Wildest Dreams (TV)’ was an unexpectant turn of events yet it has elevated the experience that will be the last days of the summer of 2021.

Written by Lauren Dehollogne

Sabrina Carpenter – Skinny Dipping

Seven months after her latest release, Sabrina Carpenter is back with her new single ‘Skinny Dipping’, track that anticipates the release of her upcoming-as-yet-unnamed album – the fifth overall and first one under her new record label, Island Records.

With clear influences from Carpenter’s co-writers JP Saxe and Julia Michaels –like the predominant use of the spoken word catch for the first and second verse or the use of terms such as “bureaucratic”– Leroy Clampitt’s production helps bringing to life the perfectly painted story that’s narrated throughout the entire record.

Hopeful for a future where she will be able to reconnect with her ex and overcome all their past drama and tumult, Carpenter imagines the two of them as they figuratively “skinny dip in water under the bridge”.

Sounding like a classic coming-of-age-movie-worthy track, ‘Skinny Dipping’ leaves you eager to read another letter off of Carpenter’s unaddressed pile as you picture yourself having a breakthrough moment in your own indie film.

Written by Benns Borgese

AREA21 – Followers

Crafted after an idea that probably every single one of us sometimes struggles with, AREA21’s latest energetic dream of beats and sounds asks the question of what would happen if social media and all our followers suddenly disappeared, putting a mirror up to all our faces to make us think about ourselves and our actions online.

Originally birthed as a side-project for mega-DJ Martin Garrix together with his friend, the singer-songwriter and RnB artist Maejor, ‘Followers’ is AREA21’s newest musical outing that follows a trail of ecstatic releases from the past months, which are set to peak in the release of their debut album at the 12th of November. Effortlessly mixing cool rap with electric House beats and HipHop influences, AREA21 have made a name for themselves among electronic music fans all around the world thanks to their unique take on dance music – and that even before the official outing of the first kept secret faces being the famous alien masks.

Taking on themes like climate change, the structural errors in society and false self-love and fakeness online, AREA21 prove that even serious topics can sometimes be turned into highly danceable tracks that will make crowds go wild. And with more songs to come and even live shows set to happen soon, one can only wait for the eclectic duo to take on the electronic music scene by storm.

Written by Laura Weingrill

Photo credit: Luke Gilford

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