Album Review: Harry Styles – Harry’s House

Hot temperatures, cold drinks, deep conversations and long nights: summer has officially arrived. And what better time for the release for a studio album and the end of a hiatus than the start of everyone’s favourite season.

After releasing ´Fine Line´ back in December 2019, it had become quiet around Harry Styles´ music career. While the young heartthrob was working towards new movies and building a path upon his acting career, there was simply no time for music. But even with his busy schedule, the star did not forget about where it all began and gave his fans a first look into his new era and upcoming album with the release of his bouncy single ‘As It Was’. Praised by critics and fans alike, the song not only immediately jumped to number one on the charts, but was also widely celebrated on social media all over the world.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks later and the official invitation to ‘Harry’s House’. Starting the album with ‘Music for a Sushi Restaurant’, it is almost like you have been taken to a summer oasis. Styles surprises with a song built in two musical tones: While the beginning of the track seems rather slow and calm, it quickly turns into a musical explosion, with a beat to immediately draw you in and trumpets being present to bring it all home.

With ‘Late Night Talking’, Styles seems to have a person stuck in his head that perseveres even through the greatest tries to get them out. “I’ve never been a fan of change, but I´ll follow you to any place,” feels like a sweet confession of love, while the mellow ‘Daydreaming’ starts off slow and sensual, before it yet again cumulates in a musical orchestra. And just like its name, the start of the song feels like a daydream, playing in the background on a rooftop bar. Styles talks about him being gone for a long time, but before this happens, he asks for “something he can dream about.”

While most of ‘Harry’s House’ is based around relationships and moving on, in ‘Matilda’, the 28-year-old sings about a broken bond between parents and child all through the lense of the fictional character Matilda: “You don’t have to feel sorry for leaving and growing up”. They are lyrics that resonate with everyone in one way or the other, as growing up and having to build a life for yourself can come with its own difficulties, and parents need to adjust to it as well, but some do it better, some worse. The story then comes to a close with ‘Love Of My Life’, a personal letter to a very special someone that feels intimate thanks to its sentimental tone and the lack of instruments playing in the background and Styles’ voice more present then ever.

It’s been over two years since Styles last gave the world a taste of his musical expertise. With his third studio album, the young pop-king seems to have fully grown, feet firmly planted into his own musical world, which he invites everyone to explore. Discussing topics close to everyone’s hearts, it’s a record packed with love, intimacy and personal growth, which makes it almost impossible not to relate to. So, put on your nicest clothes, prepare a story to share and welcome home to ‘Harry’s House’.

Written by Hannah Lipfert

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