Hidden Gems: Scarlett Taylor

Scarlett Taylor, a 20-year-old, budding musician living in New York City has been immersed in the world of music ever since she was born. Growing up in Lancaster Pennsylvania, Scarlett was often met with stories of another local kid that grew up to become a superstar, Taylor Swift. Yet this is not where her musical background ends, as her dad, Chad Taylor, is the lead guitarist of LIVE, a rock band that had immense mainstream success in the 90s, was her first introduction to the lifestyle of an artist. Therefore, thinking that one day, she could become one of the greats, was never far away.

The days leading up to the release of her first official single, ‘Clementine’, which was put out into the world in May of 2021, proved to be a tricky time for Scarlett, as she not only admits to have been going through a depressive period, she also emphasizes how scared she was for the reaction others would have, as this was the introduction to what she calls her own original “bedroom pop” music. Since its release, Scarlett has been going through a whirlwind of emotions but as of lately, she is happy to say that she has found some calm and joy in thinking back on that period of time and has learned to heal herself. “So my dad was always a big musical influence in my life. Of course, he was on tour a lot when I was a little kid. But when he came home, there was always music around. And I was always like, Dad, I want to show you this song I was working on like, always wanting to like do little shows, and seeing my dad do shows and being like, wow, I want to do that,”, Taylor recalls as she is thinking fondly of those memories. Still, the young artist is adamant to say that it wasn’t her parents who pushed her into the path of becoming a musician, that they rather let her venture into her own path whatever that might have been. Her own artistry, she says, comes up to play when she sits down in her room and starts to unwind, as she just lets the music lead her.

Taylor’s songs are personal and often start from looking at things she needs to heal from. “That doesn’t mean that every song sounds sad, some healing happens, like in a joyful form of energy,”, Taylor rapidly adds to where her music originates from. Taylor, who is a positive and reflective person, mentions that she is thankful for that moment of doubt as it has taught her to only put out the work that she is proud of and only when it makes her feel good. Ultimately it taught her that, “You can’t be making your art for other people to like it. Because at the end of the day, there are always going to be people that hate it, there are always going to be people that love it, you just need to find the community that loves it and wants a share in that joy with you.”

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Written by Lauren Dehollogne / photography by Scarlett Taylor

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