Album Review: World Goes Round – World Goes Round

World Goes Round are a unique example of a band that, although having recorded their music over thirty years ago, comes complete with an interesting backstory.  more impressively, World Goes Round’s 1989 self-titled debut album… was only just recently released.

In 1989, a group of revered recording artists gathered in a studio and worked relentlessly on creating a smash hit album, but due to mysterious and unforeseen circumstances, the album never released.  The album was then released to the public for the first time in late 2020. With the release of the now-remastered album on vinyl in 2022, the world will be able to hear the record in the most post-modern and musically astounding form yet.

And what an album World Goes Round is. The tracks jangle and shine throughout its short run time, leaving a feeling of warmth to those who have the pleasure of listening too it. Bass guitars grooving throughout the punchy drums and dreamy lead vocal lines. 

Tracks catch you unexpectedly with their catchiness in a way that only a real authentic 80s song could. By the time “Put it on the line’s” bass kicks in, the song will be instantly etched into your Hippocampus like a first kiss.

Finishing your first complete listen of World Goes Round transports you to nostalgic era many long for, but weren’t lucky enough to live through, and it is a truly magical experience. 

Written by Mason Meyers // photography by World Goes Round

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