Song Review: Jetfly Multz – 2 for 1

London Drill / Hip-Hop artist Jetfly Multz has bought some end of the week excitement to the world of UK rap with the release of his latest single 2 for 1. The stylish and catchy track has been paired with the release of the visually stunning official music video; this time released on Jetfly’s own YouTube channel.

The song flawlessly merges London drill with profound lyrical poetry, resulting in tales of inner-city troubles. The music blends snarling rapped lyrics with soft, melodic soul-esque choruses that will have even the most ardent grime fans singing along.

The beat pounds throughout its short runtime with the overdriven 808s slithering and sliding across the sonic soundscape whilst being enhanced by Multz’s shouted primal ad-libs, culminating in an infectious Drill anthem.

2 For 1 tells the story of Jetfly’s life as a London native, whilst grinding to create a vibrant life for himself. “She said I weren’t doing a lot! Now I’m doing a lot! Late nights early mornings in the whip and I’m yawning.” Jetfly’s delivery and vocal inflexions throughout the track are the major highlights, with his deep snarled voice sounding at times like what Rick Ross in his heyday might have sounded like if he grew up on a London tower block.

The song is complemented with an enthralling music video that combines vibrant lighting, exquisite cinematography, and footage of the London rapper in the studio creating the superb hit, culminating in a visually entertaining experience.

2 For 1 proves that Jetfly Multz is a master at his craft, this paired with a string of singles planned for release over the next few months and Jetfly Multz is shaping up to be one to be watched in the ever-evolving British drill landscape.

Written by Mason Meyers

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